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CoolRunner-II CPLD Starter Board

A complete tool box to help designers develop the latest CPLD designs!

The CoolRunner™-II CPLD starter board is the perfect platform for the evaluation and implemention of designs using a high performance, low-power CPLD.

Targeted Applications include intelligent handheld devices, remote monitoring, wireless interfacing, and glue logic across any number of industries.

Board Highlights:
  • DataGATE switch allows designers to easily evaluate a unique power option that permits input signal blocking, stops input switching and significantly reduces power consumption, extending battery life.
  • Four 12-pin Pmod™ ports allow designers to easily add functions such as analog-to-digital conversion, servo motor interface, serial flash, RS232 serial channel, accelerometers, temperature sensors, and more. See our Pmod page for a complete list of modules.

Note: The CoolRunner-II Starter Board requires a USB A -> mini B cable for power & configuration (not included).

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