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FMC-CE I/O expansion card

  • Linear array of 8 slide switches
  • Linear array of 8 LEDs co-located with the 8 slide switches
  • Rosetta pattern of 5 push button switches
  • Rosetta pattern of 5 LEDs, co-located with the push button switches
  • A Rotary/push-button switch
  • An LCD display (2x16)
  • Headphone jack & speaker jack with a volume control
  • 2 x 12-pin Pmod™ connector, 1 x 6-pin Pmod connector
  • 4 SMA connectors
The FMC-CE card is meant to be used with a Xilinx demonstration/evaluation board equipped with an FMC connector. This board extends the I/O capabilities of the base platform and provides an I/O consistency among various platforms.

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